The First Cross Channel Flight Between France and England

In 1909 The London Daily Mail has announced that it will give out a prize of 1000 pound to the first person who flies across the English channel in an aircraft. Four men had entered the race. French engineer and inventor Louis Blériot, Hubert Latham, Charles de Lambert and Arthur Seymour. Lambert got himself injured in a test flight and dropped out of the race. Lathem already attempted the flight but crashed into the sea halfway through. Latham wanted to try again but when he was sleeping Louis Blériot took his opportunity and attempted to fly cross the channel in his Type XI. Louis was injured from his test flight and the fact it started raining did not made it better. The flight took almost 40 minutes, but Louis made it and became the first man to cross the channel in a aircraft. Louis became famous and his monoplane Type XI became a bestseller.