Pioneer in Aviation Clément Ader

Clément Ader, born in 1841 was a french engineer with an incredible career. In 1878 Ader started electrical engineer and improved on a design of telephone that was used at that time. In 1881 Ader invented his own telephone. In 1903 Ader engineered an V8 engine for race cars. Unfortunately no one bought them. Some time after that he started to work on his first plane called the Adler Éole. A plane shaped like a bat with an engine of his own design and 14 meter wing span. Éole flew for 50 meters. After his fist prototype he build two other aircrafts, Avion II and Avion III, both of these aircrafts had unsuccesful test flights.In 1909 Ader wrote a book on aviation in which he foreseen the modern version aircraft carrier. This book also inspired the aviation we have today.